• AAF Board of Trustees

Mr .-Moataz -Al -Alfi

1- Mr. Moataz Al Alfi

Chairman Board of Trustees

C.E.O of Egypt Kuwait Holding Co.

Chairman of Americana Group Egypt

Vice Chairman Board of trustees at the American University In Cairo





Mr .-Adel -Al -Alfi

2- Mr. Adel Al Alfi

Vice Chairman Board of trustees

Managing Director of Cairo Poultry Company

Mr .-Saeed -Al -Alfi

3- Mr. Saeed Al Alfi

Member of the Board

Chairman Delta life Insurance Co.

Vice Chairman Delta Insurance Co.

Mr .-Ahmed -Al -Alfi 

4- Mr. Ahmed Al Alfi

Member of the Board

Partner in Alpha Capital Co.

 Mrs .-Nermeen -Al -Alfi

5- Mrs. Nermeen Al Alfi

Member of the Board





Dr .-Hany -Helal

6- Dr. Hany Helal

Member of the Board

Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Dr .-Moataz -Abdel -Fatah

7- Dr. Moataz Abdel Fatah

Member of the Board

Professor of Political Economy at the American University in Cairo and Central Michigan University, USA

 Mr .-Mohamed -Farouk

8- Mr. Mohamed Farouk Hafez

Member of the Board

Executive Vice President for HR and training / Americana Group





 Mr .-Kamal -El -Madway

9- Mr. Kamal El Madway

Secretary-General of the Foundation


 Ms .-Maha -Ahmed

10- Ms. Maha Ahmed