• About AAF…History& Background

Al Alfi is a well acknowledged philanthropic family who, for years, has given back to the society generously. With a deeply rooted tradition in humanitarian and charitable assistance, Al Alfi family continues to be deeply involved in building the country.

Educational Institutions built and supported by Al Alfi Family:

  1. 1904: Senhawa Elementary School with the capacity of 794 students and 19 classrooms.
  2. 1905: Al Alfi High School in Menya El Qamh with the capacity of 2030 students and 51 classrooms.
  3. 1914: Al Alfi Elementary school in Menya El Qamh.
  4. 1951: Al Alfi Preparatory School in Menya El Qamh with the capacity of 737 students and 18 classrooms.
  5. 1979: El Moataz Al Alfi High School in Senhawa with the capacity of 600 students and 12 classrooms.

Today Al Alfi family continues its developmental work through Al Alfi Foundation which focuses on promoting excellence in STEM education.

Founded by Moataz Al Alfi, a prominent Egyptian businessman and a visionary philanthropist, the foundation is a celebration and continuation of the family legacy to invest in developing human capital through education and capacity building, particularly among Egyptian scientists, educators and gifted students in STEM.