• Celebrating 25 Years of Contribution in Human Resource Development and Education

Celebrating 25 Years of Contribution in Human Resource Development and Education


Al Alfi Foundation for Human and Social Development celebrated its 25th anniversary of its founding on the 3rd of December 2014, at the Four Seasons Hotel under the auspices of Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, Egypt Prime Minister, and in the presence of a number of Ministers, Businessmen’s, AAF Board Members and more than 300 attendees in addition to Al Alfi Foundation Fellows.

Through his speech, Mr. Moataz Al Alfi, Chairman of the Board, Al Alfi Foundation, expressed his happiness for the presence of the ministers and notable businessmen, professors and teachers who were for him, the best colleagues, who struggled with perseverance throughout the 25 years of the institution, he described students as the flame of hope.

He added: "Today we celebrate the path of 25 years of participating in the areas of human and education development, 25 years we have learned  that Egypt is a rich country, contrary to what is said, of course, Egypt's wealth is not oil wealth and not in cash, but the precious mankind development, if it is well contributed, could enrich us all, 25-years we believed in the need to achieve tangible results with the goal of Egypt's human development, so as not to get carried away on our way no matter what difficulties we faced, 25 years we walk them through the difficult and arduous, and contrary to what some think is not furnished with flowers, in this long journey and modest we passed through tough   moments where vision was blurry."

He continued: "After 25 years during which more than 110,000 students participated and enrolled in the Foundation's programs, and after that, more than 500 students, on scholarships, enrolled in Egyptian and international universities, today and after the participation of dozens of schools in the Foundation's programs, I tell them, certainly the experience has shown that a small drop of water can flower sprout with insisting and perseverance, and that the past 25 years have taught us all, that we fail only when we stop trying. "

Success stories were mentioned, how the organization has contributed to their support in the scientific and practical careers. 

The most prominent of the success stories of the Egyptian world, is a young man who did not exceed 23-years-old, he was able to get his doctoral degree in nanotechnology.  Mustafa Osman graduated in the International Baccalaureate in Cairo, when he was under sixteen years of age, a specialist in electronics science and nanotechnology, with the sponsorship of Al Alfi Foundation he was able to get a support to travel to Britain, attended the British University in London to study nanotechnology and master in new patent completion for the same area.