• Sustainable Development (M.Sc.) / AUC

The MSc program in Sustainable Development is designed to take advantage of sustainable development as an economic growth opportunity. This MSc program aims to create a whole new generation of business and social entrepreneurs with the skills that will allow them to start up green businesses, launch innovative ventures and products, and put in place public policy and social entrepreneurship innovations that, together, address society’s environmental and natural resource challenges. The program aims to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in all three sectors-private, governmental and non-profit- in preparation for careers as entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” in a range of organizations.

As a part of its pursuit to promote excellence in STEM education, Al Alfi Foundation jointly offers the Sustainable Development Fellowship with AUC, represented by the Center for Sustainable Development.

AAF sponsored ten students since inception. 4 new students joined the program in the Academic Year 2016/2017.

About the Program:

The program is designed to identify and prepare future leaders who are Egyptian nationals and who have strong knowledge and skills in science, engineering, business, policy and social sciences. Fellowship applicants must possess professional experience and exceptional skills, as well as an outstanding passion for sustainable development. The program enables qualified Egyptian applicants to the Master in Science in sustainable development to receive a waiver of tuition fees. Five candidates will be accepted into the program.

The long-term objective of the program is to develop a new cadre of entrepreneurial leaders who are capable of filling critical positions in industry, public sector and civil-society organizations in Egypt, and who can successfully integrate technical, business and social skills to contribute to comprehensive sustainable development in Egypt and beyond.

A minimum of 33 credit hours is required for the MSc. The degree to be awarded is an “AUC MSc in Sustainable Development.”

Intended Learning Outcomes

The graduates of the MSc in Sustainable Development will:

  • Learn how to identify, assess and shape environmental ideas into real business opportunities and how to support such ventures through entrepreneurial private, government and civil society initiatives.
  • Have the multi-disciplinary knowledge of green innovation and the key aspects and dimensions of sustainable development.
  • Foster a strong culture of green entrepreneurship and business in Egypt and the region.
  • Engage in advanced green industry careers.
  • Excel in an interdisciplinary environment both as individuals and within a team.
  • Seize and develop commercial opportunities in the fast advancing green technologies field locally and globally.


Admission Requirements

Successful applicants to the program must:

  • Be Egyptian citizens.
  • Be already admitted into the master's program in sustainable development.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree of Science in STEM related majors from an accredited university, with a minimum overall GPA of 3.2, very good or the equivalent ranking from other universities.
  • Submit an International TOEFL iBT exam score or academic IELTS exam score as per the cut-off scores for AUC graduate admissions.
  • Provide a written statement that outlines their research and/or professional experience, as well as their future career goals. Financial difficulties should also be indicated in the statement.

Admission Process

  • Initial screening of applications will be conducted by the Program Director to eliminate applicants that do not meet eligibility criteria. 
  • The eligible applicants will be interviewed by a committee formed of faculty members from AUC and representatives from Al Alfi Foundation.
  • Applications of the final group selected will be sent to the Program Director for processing with the AUC’s Office of Admission and issuance of acceptance letters by AUC.
  • Applications should be submitted together with all supporting documents by April.

Candidates must complete in-full the appropriate application and attach the required documents. Please note that candidates will be required to submit original copies of all documents if considered for an interview.

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