Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are critical to our economy, our national security, and our global presence in innovation and research. Our key resource lies in students with mathematical and scientific promise, those with potential to become leaders in STEM fields. In this competitive technological world, we cannot afford to waste the talents of students with the greatest potential to lead us to creative and productive futures in STEM. 

Some Egyptian youth are underprivileged in terms of social and economic levels. Some of them have been identified as gifted, talented, bright or precocious in STEM. They are being trapped in unchallenging classes with institutions and families that can't provide them with the needed attention to fully develop their potentials.

AAF steps in to equip some gifted Egyptian students with critical STEM skills with the aim that this will fuel innovation and increase economic mobility for those talented young Egyptians.

ATC was created as a center of excellence for academically talented youth in STEM fields. In addition, ATC has a keen interest in building the capacity of school principals, educators and teachers. ATC attempts to provide them with specialized training sessions, enrollment in accredited certifications, and participation in global competitions & international conferences.

ATC is proud to be the first NGO in the Middle East to be awarded the membership of The World Council for gifted and talented children.

ATC is able to identify the gifted and talented students using the latest Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT4) and provide adequate scholarships, challenging enrichment programs and support activities that enhance superior capabilities.


Bridge the Gap between Potential and Accomplishment

The main objective of ATC is to ensure that school gifted students, who prove superior intellectual capacities and high academic abilities in STEM, receive the education, encouragement and support they need to grow into confident and accomplished lifelong learners. In addition, STEM educators as well need reinforcing training in managerial, leadership and teaching techniques to fulfill their important roles with excellence.

Scope of Work

ATC’s signature approach to talent development provides multiple pathways, which guide students and educators through the journey of intellectual, emotional and social growth.

- Talent Identification for gifted students: ATC offers above-grade-level testing to high-performing students in primary and preparatory levels, providing a more accurate assessment of their abilities in STEM. Participation in these tests gives students the confidence, information and resources necessary to make wise academic choices and set appropriate educational goals.

- Enrichment Programs: The aim of these programs is mainly to engage students in active learning experiences matched to their identified abilities. These programs include competitions in addition to after-schools and summer activities.

- Management and Leadership Capacity Building Programs for school Principals and Educators.