Our testimonials are real stories from real people directly impacted by our Foundation. We are delighted with the comments and success stories our fellows and alumni have shared with us as they give an insight into just how much impact being part of our Foundation’s programs can have on education and career paths.

Mariam Makramalla


PhD, Education, University of Cambridge, UK

I still remember receiving the news of being awarded a full scholarship from Al Alfi Foundation to conduct my MA in International and Comparative Education at the American University in Cairo. Unaware at the time of how much this place would mean to me in years to come, I still recall how I first arrived at their office to sign off my scholarship award letter. Over the years, my friendship with Al Alfi grew stronger, the more I came to witness a passionate team that has a true vision in investing in people. Today, as a PhD student at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University; I can only look back at the two years I spent at the American University in Cairo with utmost gratitude.  Al Alfi Foundation believed in the value of investing in my education and now it is my turn to pay it forward and invest in the improvement of the educational system of my society, community and country.


Mona Allouba

PhD, Clinical Research, Imperial College, UK

منى علوبه

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Research Medicine in collaboration between Imperial College London & Aswan Heart Centre (AHC). I am extremely grateful for Al Alfi Foundation for giving me the opportunity to further my studies in this field at one of the most reputable universities worldwide. The impact of this opportunity will enable me to develop both academically and personally and I am keen to transfer the extensive knowledge that I will acquire to the wider Egyptian scientific community.


Zeina Tawakol

M.Sc., Health Policy, Imperial College, UK

زينه توكل

I have been working in the health sector for the past 8 years with the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation; it has always been my dream to pursue graduate studies in health care policies and management. Thanks to the Alfi Foundation for offering a scholarship I am now able to study at one of the best universities in the world. I believe that with this opportunity I will not only be able to support my organization but support my country.


Reyad Rizkallah Issak

Doctoral Student at Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Bremen, Germany

مريم رياض

I come from a family that appreciated education the most. Their support made me score the sixth among the top 10 students in the Giza governorate in 1998 in elementary school. I graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt in 2010. In 2010, I was awarded the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology scholarship to study software engineering with a specialization in open source technologies at the Information Technology Institute, Egypt before joining AUC in 2011 as a master student. I joined AUC’s Biotechnology Graduate Program as a research/teaching fellow at the Biology Department.

I was awarded Al Alfi Biotechnology Fellowship to pursue my Master’s degree at AUC from September, 2012 to June, 2014 and then I was awarded Al Alfi Leaders Scholarship to pursue my doctoral degree at Alfred Wegener Institute from July, 2014 to June, 2016.

Without Al Alfi Foundation fellowship, I would not have completed my master’s degree at the most reputable university in Egypt, AUC. I would not have been qualified to pursue my doctoral degree in Germany. Now, I am qualified for conducting research at an interdisciplinary multicultural environment that dramatically enhanced my personal and professional life and networks.


Haytham Raafat Gamal

Electrical Engineering, Waterloo University – Canada

هيثم رأفت جمال

I first came to know about Al Alfi Foundation on a Facebook page where many people were strongly recommending them for sponsorship and that was only a few days before the application deadline. I managed to complete my application and submitted it on time. The moment I stepped into the main office of AAF, I felt real warmth of a family; welcoming team members, friendly environment, and encouraging words. Every aspect that day made me feel at home. Eventually, the interview was an inspiring experience that demonstrated the professional thinking of AAF board members.  A recognition event was then organized with AAF chairman Mr. Moataz Al Alfi and board members in which I understood the enormous work AAF team had been doing. A large number of fellows particularly in STEM and on various levels from primary education to postgraduate studies. The ideas and discussions I witnessed that day from all attendees assured me that there is still light at the end of a tunnel and that with this kind of mentalities, Egypt will definitely prosper. In a nutshell, AAF represents professionalism, commitment, punctuation, warmth, and hope.

ما الفخــــر إلا لأهل العلم إنهم     على الهدى لمن استهدى أدلاء

وقدر كل امرئ ما كان يحسنه     والجاهـلون لأهل العـلم أعداء

فـفـز بعلم تعش حيـا ً به أبــدا      الناس موتى وأهل العلم أحيا


Joyce Gamal

 Education in Child Advocacy, Harvard University – USA

Joyce Rafla

 I’m writing to thank you for the generous support that Al Alfi Foundation provides to many scholars every year. I wrote this thank-you note back in October but have been revisiting it to make sure I compact everything so as not to impose on your busy schedule.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have been offered this scholarship through Al Alfi Foundation even in the midst of the crushing currency crisis.  For me, returning to graduate school in a bigger place like Harvard University is a dream comes true. It came in a timely manner after I have worked for years in public and international development settings so this time, I came with questions which I’m working on finding the answers for and skills that I know will feel the gaps in research and knowledge in Egyptian education. While Social Sciences are sometimes wrongly “accused” of being an impractical field, I am pursuing courses that are as practical as possible.


Hamed Muhammad  Al Taweel

Senior Research Associate

 حامد محمد الطويل

Al Alfi fellowship helped me in the completion of my degree successfully, which upgraded my profile including knowledge, skills and professional career development. I would like to assure that such fellowship had considerably leverage my skills and had, therefore, complement my plans of being a researcher in that new field of tomorrow. Also it is my belief that a stronger education and self- learning will help me to truly succeed in the research and development field by diminishing my shortcomings and improving my talents. Since the vision of your organization is designed to build on each researcher’s capabilities, I am confident that it had developed my research skills and talents.


Mai Omar Abdul Rahman

Research Assistant at the American University in Cairo

 مى عمر عبد الرحمن

I received the Alfi Biotechnology fellowship towards my M.Sc degree studies at AUC. I have chosen a difficult field of study and I am persistent to finish it. I am currently managing the cell culture laboratory at the Biology department in AUC and I am assisting the department professors in the instruction of the undergraduate courses. I am also help undergraduate students finish up their graduation projects. This grant has given me the opportunity to be dedicated to my studies. I wouldn’t have been able to focus on my M.Sc. without receiving the grant and for that I am forever thankful to Al-Alfi foundation.


Shereen Amr Abdelhady

Engineering, Durham University, UK

شرين عمرو عبد الهادى 

Following Al Alfi Foundation Scholarship in The British International School, Cairo, I joined the General Engineering course in Durham University in the UK.

In first year, I got a First and was one of the top five students in my year group. Along with my academics, I joined the college rowing team and Engineers without Borders Durham (EWB Durham), a society that promotes sustainable engineering and pursues solutions to critical problems in developing countries.

This year, I am part of the Durham University Swimming team and I am the project manager and co-secretary of EWB, which is being relaunched. In my first year, we had very few members and our final project was not completed. This year, as the new project manager, I took up the challenge of building a stronger structure, organizing the society and encouraging new members, from undergraduates and postgraduates to university staff, to join by presenting a more innovative, practical variety of projects.

Al Alfi Foundation has been and still is strongly supporting me throughout my university experience.