Rania Salah Seddik
Euro-Mediterranean Innovation and Entrepreneurship Diploma at EMUNI University/ 2016-2017
  • Rania is the Founder and Managing director of GebRaa, www.GebRaa.com; a social enterprise aiming at reviving Egyptian traditional crafts which are at risk, through product innovation in design including function, materials, and use of green technology. 
  • Rania aims through GebRaa to offer training to artisans to inspire pride in their cultural heritage. GebRaa also supports the inclusion of women and persons with disabilities in the handicrafts sector. GebRaa has a developmental arm called Karama Foundation for Social and Cultural Development. It seeks to achieve economic, social, and cultural development for Egyptian artisans and enhance their social image and public perception of their prominent role in safeguarding the community’s culture and identity.