How can I apply to be an AAF STEM scholar?

Please select the desired program from the navigation menu and follow the instructions. When you choose the program you wish to be enrolled in, please press the Apply button below the desired program, upload the application, and fill it out.
Please make sure to read carefully our general eligibility criteria or specific eligibility criteria for each scholarship program. If you are eligible, complete your online application with all the required supporting documents before the deadline for application submission.
The scholarships offered for undergraduates are only given to local Universities such as the AUC, Nile University, and GUC… etc., and not to universities abroad.

What type of documents do I need to attach with my online application?

Applicants must complete the appropriate online application and attach the following documents:

  1. A personal photo
  2. A scanned copy of secondary education certificate for undergraduate applicants, Bachelor’s degree transcripts for Master’s degree applicants, and Master’s degree transcript for PhD applicants;
  3. A scanned copy of the National ID
  4. A scanned copy of passport (when applicable);
  5. University acceptance letter
  6. Two recommendation letters: Ideally, the recommendation letters should come from teachers, professors, or work supervisors who know the applicant well enough to judge his STEM orientation and interpersonal skills. The recommendation letter writers should specify the applicant’s name and complete contact information below their signature.
  7. Copy of certificates or proof of proficiency in the English language or other professional certificates if required by your study program.

Applicants must submit original copies of all documents if considered for an interview. Some scholarships might request additional documents.

What's the scholarship selection process?

The scholarships and fellowships offered by Al Alfi Foundation are very competitive and offered based on several criteria, namely academic excellence in STEM education, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, evidence of financial need, and commitment to giving back to Egypt.

After the application deadline, the Foundation will review and assess all submitted applications. Only complete applications and applications from students who meet program eligibility criteria will be addressed.

The Foundation will then invite a shortlist of applicants to a first interview. Shortly after the interview, another list of selected scholars will be invited to a second interview for final selection. The final list of accepted scholars will be notified to confirm their acceptance of the scholarships and sign a student agreement with the Foundation.

Please always wait to hear from us. You will be shortlisted and asked for an interview or receive a rejection email. You will be notified after the first interview if you passed and were shortlisted for a second interview for a final selection. Again, you will be notified if you don’t pass the second interview via email.

How will the Foundation select the Scholars?

Al Alfi Foundation strives to invest in brilliant hardworking STEM students with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills with an evident desire to serve the Egyptian community after their program studies.

For graduate students, a GPA of 3.5 or equivalent is required. A minimum of 95% for the National Baccalaureate students (Thanaweya Amma) or equivalent for other certificates is required for undergraduates.

Applicants with academic achievements less than what is already mentioned will not be considered.

Which universities can I apply for?

University selection is the scholars’ choice; Al Alfi Foundation does not mandate a specific program or university. However, the selected program must be in STEM majors.

The scholarships offered for undergraduates are only given to local Universities such as the AUC, Nile University, and GUC… etc., and not to universities abroad.

What programs can I study?

Al Alfi Foundation’s main interest is in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. Scholars should pick a program that fits under the STEM Education category.

Do I have to apply for the University myself?

Yes. You should apply directly to the University of your choice in STEM majors, take any required standardized exams required by the program and University of choice, for example, English proficiency exams, and apply for financial aid at the University of choice.

Kindly note that the Foundation will not cover the costs of university applications or official exams on behalf of students.

Do I need to re-apply every year for Al Alfi scholarship?

The scholarship supports students for the duration of their chosen degree, based on the credits required for each degree and the typical time needed to complete all the necessary credits on a full load/semester basis. If the scholar maintains all the scholarship requirements, there will be no need to re-apply for the scholarship.

Al Alfi Foundation must be notified immediately of any deduction in the tuition fees due to acceptance of financial aid, academic achievement, or approval of other funds applied for by scholars.

What will be expected of me as an Al Alfi Scholar to maintain my scholarship?

Once selected, you must sign a student agreement with the Foundation outlining some conditions. Most importantly, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or equivalent at the end of each semester for undergraduates and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or equivalent for graduate students. University official transcripts are requested at the end of each semester for validation and documentation. Partner will be given a one-semester probationary period if the cumulative GPA is below the required GPA. The scholarship will be suspended if the cumulative GPA does not meet the minimum standards after the probationary period.
  • Taking the typical load of credits/semester as indicated by the study program and maintaining full-time enrollment status throughout the study program.
  • Regularly engaging with the Student Affairs department at Al Alfi Foundation. The Foundation expects accurate information from scholars throughout their engagement with AAF. Misrepresentation of personal credentials or achievement is not expected from a Partner.
What does Al Alfi scholarship cover?

Depending on the applicant’s previous academic achievement, interpersonal skills and financial need, he or she will receive the following:

  • Full or partial cost of education for the duration required to complete a specific 
  • Essential university fees (registration, lab use, etc)
  • Partial living expenses and accommodation if applicable.
Can I apply to more than one of the Foundation’s programs?

You may apply to more than one of the Foundation’s programs. If you become a scholar or fellow under one of our programs, you may apply later to benefit from another program under the Foundation. For example, if you benefit from a Bachelor’s degree scholarship, you can apply to other programs to pursue different degrees like all other applicants. However, this does not guarantee that you will be accepted into other programs. The Foundation might accept you as a scholar or fellow in one program and reject your application for another program.

Can I submit a hard copy application?

The application for the scholarship must be completed strictly online, and in English, through the Foundation’s website. No hard copies will be accepted.

Can I submit additional documents to the Foundation through email?

No, the Foundation will not consider any documents submitted outside of the program application on the Foundation’s website. Applicants can email the Foundation at admission@alalfifoundation.org for any questions regarding admission and scholarships.

Can I edit my application after submission?

Please review your program application carefully before final submission because you cannot edit it afterward. If the Foundation wishes to get in touch with you in the application review process, one of the team may contact you for additional information or clarification. Please check your email frequently to respond to any inquiries from the Foundation after application submission.

If I meet one of Al Alfi’s scholarship programs criteria, can I receive support for a degree I am currently pursuing?

The Foundation will not support students already enrolled at a specific university even if they meet all the program eligibility criteria. Students must be applying for the program they wish for the first time and have yet to be enrolled and studying, even if they are in an early stage of their program at their current university.

Would siblings from the same family be able to receive scholarships from the Foundation?

The Foundation’s policy is to award one student per family to impact more families in Egypt.

What is the deadline for application?

It depends on the program—for example, Admission for the Ph.D. Program and the M.Sc. begin in January and end on April 30th each year. Admission for the Undergraduate scholarships starts on April 1st and ends on June 30th each year.
Please check each program for more information.

When will I hear back after application submission?

Usually within two weeks after the deadline.

How can I apply for a Summer Camp?

According to a protocol signed between Al Alfi Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, the Ministry selects the top students from the Official Language Schools and National Institute Schools.
If you’re a top student at your school, you are invited to apply for the Summer Camp through the online application found on the website. You will have to pay for the costs of the Camp in full if you were not selected by the Ministry or coming from schools other than the ones mentioned.