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We cannot afford to waste the talents of students with the greatest potential
to lead us to creative and productive futures in STEM

Gifted Youth Program

Al Alfi Foundation Gifted Youth Program is able to identify the gifted and talented students using the latest Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT4) and provide adequate scholarships, challenging enrichment programs and support activities that enhance superior capabilities. Al Alfi Foundation steps in to help some gifted Egyptians who have been identified as gifted, talented, or bright in STEM. GYP was created as a center of excellence for academically talented youth in STEM fields.

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Innovation and Leadership Program

Al Alfi Foundation Leadrship and Innovation program is designed to enable Egyptian Students to become future scientists and researchers in the fields of STEM education. We make high quality education accessible to outstanding students.

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Educators Empowerment Program

Al Alfi Educators Empowerment Program was introduced based on the Foundation’s belief that the training of educators is one of the pillars of sustainable development and national capacity building in Egypt. Quality in teacher and principal education for teaching future citizens will, in the long run, contribute to alleviation of poverty, promotion of equity, democracy, professionalism, ethical conduct and good governance.

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NGO Capacity Building Program

Al Alfi NGO Capacity Building - NGOs is designed to support other NGOs in Egypt to develop effective and well-managed organizations that make best use of their human and financial resources to maintain sustainability.

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Al Alfi is a well acknowledged philanthropic family who..

for years, has given back to the society generously. The family continues to be involved in building the country.






Teachers Capacity Building


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