Competitions-Support Program

Providing STEM students with access to networking opportunities is central to AAF’s philosophy and competitions provide an ideal forum for this type of exposure. Not only do contestants meet and network with peers on both local and international levels, but they also have the chance to learn from others’ experiences and refine their ability to present their work in competitive settings.

Al Alfi Competition Support Programs



FameLab is a global contest designed to identify and nurture the most promising new science communicators worldwide. Over 10,000 scientists and engineers globally have participated to date. The international finalists gather to connect with peers globally, exchanging their enthusiasm for science and knowledge within an international community.

In Egypt, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AAF) collaborates with the British Council to sponsor Egyptian winners of FameLab’s qualifying rounds to join the international FameLab competition at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

FameLab invites young Egyptian scientists and students aged 18 to 35, specializing in basic, life, or engineering sciences, to compete. In local heats, each contestant delivers a three-minute presentation that is engaging, scientifically accurate, and devoid of electronic aids like PowerPoint. A panel of esteemed science and media figures evaluates the participants based on the content, clarity, and charisma of their presentations.


INJAZ Al-Arab 11th Annual Young Arab Entrepreneurs Competition

INJAZ Al-Arab, an NGO operating in 14 countries across the Middle East and North Africa, organized the Annual Young Arab Entrepreneurs Competition in 2017 under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

This event was notably supported by Al Alfi Foundation, which played a crucial role as one of the main sponsors, demonstrating its commitment to fostering young talent in the region alongside other global and regional partners.

The competition showcased 100 aspiring young leaders from 10 Arab countries, competing for a variety of awards. These awards, contributed by organizations like FedEx Express, Citi Foundation, and MBC Al Amal, recognized the innovation and entrepreneurial acumen of the participants.

Further elevating the event, Al Alfi Foundation, in collaboration with other local Egyptian partners such as PepsiCo, Banque Misr, Dow Chemical, Crédit Agricole, Uber, and Vodafone, sponsored six additional awards in the high school and university categories. This reinforced the Foundation’s pivotal role in supporting educational initiatives and talent development in Egypt.


ROBOCUP Junior 2016

The 2016 RoboCup Junior Egypt International competition, sponsored by Al Alfi Foundation and conducted in cooperation with the Regional Informatics Center (RIC) at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), was a significant event in the field of robotics and education. The National Competition was held in Alexandria, Egypt and the International Competition took place in Germany.

The essence of this competition was a blend of science, engineering, technology, and education, targeting students between the ages of 11 and 20. The primary objective was to develop a robot soccer team with the capability to eventually beat the human team champion of the FIFA World Cup 2050. This ambitious goal underscores the competition’s focus on advancing robotics and AI technology to a level where they can compete against human skills in one of the world’s most popular sports.

At the RoboCup 2016 in Germany, Egyptian teams achieved remarkable success, securing four prestigious awards. These included the World Champions Super Team of the On-Stage Leagues, Best Super Team Integration in the Light Soccer category, Best Presentation in the Rescue League, and Best Software Programming in the Rescue


Learning Global Forum

In 2014, Al Alfi Foundation sponsored ten educators to attend the Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, Spain. The Forum offered a range of exciting experiences for participants to learn, collaborate, create, and share experiences of innovative teaching and learning practices.
The Egyptian educators won four advanced prizes after fierce competition from teachers worldwide and arbitration by an international committee of experts in educational technology. The Minister of Education and Technical Education honored the winners upon their return to Egypt.


International Science Olympiads

The International Science Olympiads (ISO) are annual competitions for high school students excelling in various STEM fields such as mathematics, biology, physics, robotics, and astronomy.
These contests draw the top 4-6 students from each country, selected through National Science Olympiads.

The ISO aims to foster scientific careers, underline the significance of science in modern society, and provide a stage for young talents to showcase their skills. This benefits the participants and shines a light on the quality and areas for improvement in science education globally, potentially inspiring educational advancements.

Since 2014, Al Alfi Foundation has played a pivotal role in the success of many student groups at these Olympiads. By offering financial support and specialized training, the foundation has enabled numerous students to participate in these elite competitions, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in such challenging environments and effectively demonstrate their scientific competence.