A key part of our process is the importance of making our programs accessible to all segments of society and providing opportunities for the underrepresented segments. Our recent work with refugee children in Egypt in cooperation with UNHCR is a prime example of our commitment in this area, and it is a project that Al Alfi Foundation is particularly proud of.

In 2021, in partnership with UNHCR and Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Al Alfi Foundation integrated 23 refugee children of diverse nationalities, aged 7 to 14, into a STEM summer camp organized by Nutty Scientists. This week-long camp in July offered a glimpse into various futuristic STEM careers through interactive and project-based activities, covering subjects like robotics, coding fundamentals, and engineering. The camp focused on scientific learning and emphasized developing 21st-century skills such as communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, and project management.

Furthering these efforts, in August 2021, the Foundation hosted the Wonders of Science Camp in collaboration with UNHCR Egypt and 1001 Inventions. This week-long summer camp introduced over a hundred refugee children in Cairo to the marvels of science.

On World Refugee Day, June 20, 2022, UNHCR Egypt and the Swiss Embassy in Cairo celebrated the occasion. This event saw the participation of prominent figures, including H.E. Nivine El-Qabbage, Minister of Social Solidarity. During this event, UNHCR and Al Alfi Foundation signed an agreement to provide 1,500 refugee children in Cairo access to their STEM program for the year, implemented by 1001 Inventions and hosted at the GrEEK campus. This program offered experiential learning, aiming to ignite a passion for science in children and help them grasp experimentation and critical thinking principles.

The sessions were dynamic and engaging, allowing children to envision themselves in various scientific roles, from architects to chemists to environmental advocates. The program ended daily with captivating science shows, demonstrating the wonders of science and significantly boosting the children’s enthusiasm and imagination. The children also learned about historic scientists like Al-Zahrawi, Ibn Sina, and Ibn al-Haytham, whose contributions continue to influence the modern world. Each participating child received a copy of the “1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization” book, extending their learning journey beyond the summer camp.

In 2023, the “STEM for Refugees” series of one-day camps was launched by Al Alfi Foundation, Baseet, UNHCR, and CRS. This initiative catered to 200 refugee children, offering them engaging, interactive STEM learning experiences, science shows, and educational kits for continued learning at home.

This program is a successful celebration of diversity, inclusion and self-expression and a demonstration of Al Alfi Foundation’s strength in reaching different segments and providing exceptional opportunities for effective learning and capacity building.