Karim Shawki
Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Imperial College-UK/2016-2019
  • Karim is an aerospace engineer with a Ph.D. in the optimization and data assimilation of turbulent systems from ICL. His thesis title was “Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of Chaotic Systems and Applications to Control and Data Assimilation.” He has co-published three journal papers in the fields of numerical analysis and mathematical optimization. 
  • Karim is about to start a new role at Rolls Royce, UK, working as a Systems Design Integrator. He was previously at the Aerospace Technology Institute working as Aircraft Modeler, where he was engaged in the ‘FlyZero’ project that aims to realize commercial, hydrogen-powered flight. Karim Worked on the preliminary design of the aircraft, created whole aircraft models, and conducted trade studies to help achieve optimal aircraft performance.