Mona Allouba
Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Research at Imperial College London (MYF)/ 2016-2019
  • Mona called for a better understanding of the genetics of Egyptians in a bid for personalized treatments for cardiomyopathy patients in her Ph.D. thesis. This study aimed to increase the overall understanding of the genetics of this life-threatening disease and helped establish a strong cardiomyopathy knowledge network needed to guide clinical practice.
  • The focus of her Ph.D. project was to identify the genetic determinants of cardiomyopathy – a term that encompasses different heart diseases that often progress to heart failure. Ultimately, she tried to correlate this genetic information with the clinical phenotype of these patients. This project was a collaboration with Imperial College London under joint supervision by Dr. Yasmine Aguib and Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub from MYF-Egypt and Dr. Paul Barton and Dr. James Ware from Imperial.
  • Mona continues her remarkable work as a researcher at MYF.