Nairouz Shehata
M.Sc. in Medical Robotics and Image-Guided Intervention at Imperial College London (MYF)/ 2016– 2017
  • Nairouz was awarded the Al Alfi scholarship in 2016 to pursue her Master’s degree in medical robotics and image-guided intervention at Imperial College London. She had the chance to explore additional applications and state-of-the-art developments in the field. She then returned to Egypt to resume her work at the Aswan Heart Centre (AHC) and translate her newly acquired knowledge into research work. 
  • The software Nairouz developed during her thesis was upgraded together with her fellow AHC team members and under the supervision of Prof. Yacoub. Initially, it incorporated a machine learning approach for precise 3D anatomical landmarking and statistical shape modeling to define standard aortic shape and size for presurgical planning and post-operative prediction modeling. Later, more data was acquired and computed related to function, allowing a thorough statistical analysis and investigating links between structure and function. A database was constructed to save post-processed healthy and diseased data for further analysis that has been growing and is now hosted on the AHC High-Performance Computers in Cairo. 
  • Nairouz is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the image-based characterization of the coupling of the structural phenotype of the aorta to function at ICL with the help of the Al Alfi Foundation.