Egypt Foundation for Continuing Medical Education – (CME-Egypt)

In the ever-evolving medical field, ongoing education is crucial for healthcare professionals to keep up with new technologies and practices. This continuous learning not only helps in advancing their careers but also plays a vital role in enhancing patient care, reducing healthcare costs, and improving the effectiveness of Egypt’s healthcare system. CME-Egypt, a non-profit entity, is committed to elevating healthcare quality and public health in Egypt by supporting ongoing medical education and training. This initiative, primarily led by the Egyptian Urological Association and backed by various pharmaceutical and NGO partners like Al Alfi Foundation, focuses on updating and enhancing the skills of Egyptian urologists through continual education and professional development programs. Al Alfi Foundation has been instrumental in setting strategic objectives for CME-Egypt and sponsoring young doctors for international internships. They were also the main sponsor of the inaugural forum on The Future of Continuing Medical Education in Egypt in 2017, which was held under the auspices of key Egyptian ministers. This forum was a significant step in establishing a national CME program in Egypt, highlighting the topic’s relevance to the medical community.